Survey shows how much ‘screen time’ dominates our lives

Slashdot asks: 'I sit in front of a screen for (what percentage) of my waking time.'

Yes, we're talking about an unscientific survey of Slashdot readers, not the public at large, yet you've got to shake your head at the collective response to this: "I sit in front of a screen for (what percentage) of my waking time."

Of the 24,000-plus respondents, more than 60% say they spend more than 60% of their non-sleep time staring at a screen.


Sadder still, in calculating my own percentage, I quickly realized it would be easiest - by far - to tally up those portions of my typical day (weekday/workday) that I am not screen-bound.

Let's just say I fit comfortably in that 60%.

(Update: I just realized that the screen grab blows the cover off my attempt to be coy: It shows my vote. So, yes, I was a smidge over 80%.)

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