Bankers comparing bonuses? There's an app for that

A global rank of bankers' bonuses could soon be at your fingertips, and it could show which banks shell out the most for bonuses.

A mobile app available in the iTunes App Store is designed for and marketed specifically to bankers who'd like to compare their bonus checks with one another.

Banker's Bonus 2013, from nEuroRecovery Ltd., invites bankers to compare their 2013 bonus to others' around the world in order to "make sure you're getting what you're worth." The app costs $11.99.

Users can submit their bonuses in U.S. dollars, British Pound Sterling, or Euros, as well as their location, job title, years of experience and division. The app also provides an option to show what bank the user works at. So, if enough bankers use the app, it could become a reference to see which banks give the largest (and smallest) bonuses to their executives.

The app collects all user information and ranks each banker. Filters can be applied so bankers can compare their bonuses on a global scale, or with those who work in a similar division, location, position, and/or have similar experience.

The purpose for the app is to make sure every banker is fairly compensated with his or her bonus check. From the iTunes description:

With a possible 30-40% reduction in this year’s total bonus pool, a predicted 8% decrease in the value of the average bonus, and with new EU laws possibly forcing caps on bonus amounts, you need to make sure you’re not losing out.

It's the only app nEuroRecovery has submitted to the App Store so far. As far as I can tell, it's the only app of its kind.

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