HBO Go may be heading to the Apple TV later this year

Rumor has it that Apple is in negotiations to bring HBO Go to the Apple TV in the next few months

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There are no shortage of quality HBO series to choose from. The Wire, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Game of Thrones are just a few titles that come to mind. Recently, I've been getting into the critically acclaimed series Girls thanks to HBO Go, a service which lets HBO subscribers stream a boatload of movies and any episode from any HBO series ever created. 

There's just one problem - right now I have to use HBO Go on my trusty ole' iMac. And while it's nice that I can watch HBO shows via HBO Go on mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad, it sure would be nice if there was an HBO Go app for the Apple TV.

Thankfully, I may not have to wait much longer.

Bloomberg reported earlier this week that Apple is currently engaged in negotiations with Time Warner to add an HBO Go app to the little black hockey puck that is the Apple TV by mid-2013.

Adding HBO to the lineup of Apple TV services including Netflix and Hulu Plus may help the iPhone maker bolster sales of a set-top box that has faced stiff competition from similar video-delivery devices from Roku Inc. and Microsoft. Apple TV would let Time Warner, which already offers HBO Go for Roku and Microsoft’s Xbox, deliver another option to consumers who are increasingly shunning broadcasts in favor of on-demand viewing and streaming video over the Internet.

While adding HBO Go to Apple TV would undoubtedly be a boon for consumers, it's not as if the Apple TV has been selling poorly. On the contrary, Apple disclosed during their most recent earnings report that they sold 2 million Apple TVs during the 2012 holiday quarter, representing a 60% increase in unit sales year over year. All told, Apple has sold about 10 million Apple TVs, and as Tim Cook often likes to say, Apple will continue to pull the strings with respect to its Apple TV device and see where it leads. Some, of course, are confident it will eventually culminate in an Apple branded HDTV but as with all things Apple, nothing is ever guaranteed until it's officially announced.

In any event, adding HBO Go to the Apple TV is a great move for Apple and certainly makes the device all the more desirable. Note, though, that the app would only be available to HBO subscribers and "would be the first app on Apple TV that requires pay-TV authentication."

via Bloomberg

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