Apple PR arm gets busier in increasingly competitive market

Apple's PR team seems to be more active these days than in years past

If you've been paying attention to the latest Apple happenings recently, you might have noticed that Apple seems to be increasing the frequency with which it issues press releases. As a prime example, Apple last week issued a press release announcing the release of iOS 6.1, a relatively minor update that wouldn't ordinarily warrant much coverage at all. What's more, Apple has also been more eager to dole out third-party reports about items such as mobile OS marketshare to news organizations as of late. 

According to the Wall Street Journal, there is a reason behind the increased visibility of Apple's PR team. Citing a person familiar with the issue, the WSJ relays that the shift has been purposeful, and strategic to the extent that Apple recognizes that the tech landscape is becoming even more competitive and cut-throat. Consequently, Apple is realizing that getting good news out into the blogosphere - even if it's just a minor iOS release - can only help.

This is especially true when one considers how quickly pundits are to harp on un-sourced tidbits of bad news and completely ignore substantive good news as it pertains to Apple.

via WSJ

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