Learning More about Open Source – A Great New Year’s Resolution!

Happy New Year from OpenLogic
With the New Year in the United States, many are reflecting upon past goals and setting new ones for 2013. As a manager, I often make learning a new skill a top priority on my resolution list. Professionally, what better time is there to set the goal of learning about open source software? Even those who have some understanding about open source software, will benefit from increased knowledge and clarity. There’s something for everyone, from novice to expert, one can always learn more. Convincing your management to make open source education an important business initiative will be well worth it! I invite all business people and the curious, to take the time become acquainted with the space. If you’re an open source novice, following are some good ways you can gain a decent understanding of open source, and why and how it’s being used in your organization today.

Why is open source software being used?

Open source adoption is popular both from a business side and from a developer’s perspective. Projects are extensible, freely available, and often supported by a vast network of other coders. Given resource and time constraints, open source solutions are cost-efficient and can be deployed in real time. Plus there’s practically an open source solution for any problem you’d like to solve.

What are some issues regarding open source?

Business managers need to know about what open source is being used in the development of any of their code base or business systems. Intellectual and copyright laws are real and may present a risk to any organization that doesn’t take initiative in this area. Don’t be responsible for exposing your organization to legal risk; the best way to avoid risk is through learning about open source licenses, compliance, and governance. If you’ve never scanned your code base before, try this great free scanning tool.

Open Source Training

OpenLogic provides extensive open source training services with curriculum developed upon proven industry best practices and many years of acquired real-life experience. OpenLogic’s trainers work with open source software day in and out and can relate practical and applicable expertise, not just theoretical suggestions and ideology. OpenLogic’s professional trainers offer advice on everything from Open Source 101 to Advanced Techniques for Using Open Source Software. OpenLogic has all bases covered; every training engagement is custom tailored to ensure the open source curriculum aligns with your enterprise business training needs. Combined, OpenLogic’s trainers have over 100+ years of shared knowledge and experience.

Pick Your Training Format

As a business manager, you have limited time and need an effective training format, one that can help expedite your learning and get you acquainted with the space in no time. If you’re looking for technical training with hands-on approach in a classroom format, OpenLogic offers a great five-day, on-site training solution. Perhaps you are just looking for more tailored support to bolster your in-house knowledge in which case a couple days of remote training and consulting might do the trick. If you’re a one-man shop, or working for a smaller organization with limited resources, Lynda.com[1] offers many great courses. While Lynda’s offerings are not the enterprise hands on courses like OpenLogic offers, they are fairly extensive with a variety of options and can be purchased for a nominal fee. If that solution doesn’t work for you, check out the OLEX, where you can find expansive information, FAQs, and articles on thousands of projects.

The above recommendations good starting points for exploration; refer to a few of the resources mentioned, and let the learning process begin. Proactively learning about open source for your enterprise is an excellent and easily attainable goal for the New Year that will increase your value to your organization. You might even meet some interesting people in the open source forums! Whatever you decide, have a happy, healthy, and productive New Year!

[1] http://www.lynda.com

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