'DRM Chair' self-destructs after 8 sittings

So imagine if digital rights management were applied to … furniture?



Because ridiculous digital rights management (DRM) restrictions cry out for creative ridicule.

That's why a group of eight Swiss design students built DRM Chair as their entry in The Deconstruction, a global design competition. Each time someone takes a seat, the chair senses their weight, and upon the eighth sitting a mechanism is triggered that melts the chair's joints. Watch:

"The number of uses was set to eight, so everyone (on the team) could sit down and enjoy a single time (on) the chair," notes the group.

Not everyone is impressed, with one Wired U.K. reader commenting: "So, it took 8 people 2 days to undertake this utterly pointless exercise? Bravo."

Another set him straight: "The point of the exercise, for those of you too dim to realize it is (a) art and (b) to make us question why we accept DRM on ANY product. Reductio ad absurdum, is the expression you are looking for."


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