Video of Steve Jobs's funniest moments on stage

A master showman, Steve Jobs's public presentations were often sprinkled with a fair share of humor.

Steve Jobs was a consummate showman, announcing new products with a flair and genuine enthusiasm that is rarely seen in tech. What made Jobs's product announcements so great is that you really got the distinct impression that Jobs himself firmly believed in what he was saying. When he said the iPhone was like magic, he wasn't kidding around. That's how he really felt. In short, Jobs was a master showman precisely because he was human. He wasn't reading a marketing script or taking notes from HR; he was simply being himself and excitedly talking to the masses about the latest and greatest from Apple.

So it goes without saying that Jobs had personality, and it follows that humor was often a part of his presentations. Of course, not every comical moment was planned, but nonetheless, below is a video compilation detailing some of Steve Jobs's funniest moments throughout the years.

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