Promo video for Google Now for iOS leaks out

A promo video for Google Now for the iPhone and iPad leaked out earlier today.

Well this is sorta interesting. Engadget earlier today received a leaked promo video for Google Now. The significance is that it showcases Google Now - which is Google's take on a voice-activated personal assistant - may soon be coming to the iPhone and the iPad. So as Apple keeps on kicking Google-owned properties off of the iPhone home screen, Google seems to be pushing its apps for iOS rather hard these days. And while there is something to be said for differentiating Android from iOS, Google is ultimately concerned with getting folks using Google apps no matter what platform they happen to be on.

Here's the leaked video.

For what it's worth, there have also been rumblings of Google Now coming to the desktop. Incidentally, the same has been said for Siri coming to OS X. Although is has since been removed, Apple about a month ago had a job posting up looking for a Siri UI Engineer. Notably, the position is specifically seeking folks with knowledge of the APIs Apple uses in both OS X and iOS. A final, and perhaps telling, addendum adds that the right applicant should have a "passion for the Macintosh platform and writing simple, elegant software that is easy and fun to use."

via Engadget

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