Upcoming Webinars: BYOD and Virtualization, and WLAN Architecture Advances

Two more Webinars on two very important topics.

I really like doing Webinars, as I find them an efficient, interesting, and informative way to communicate to a global audience. I like to do these live (there's actually more pressure when recording in advance, as there's a natural tendency to try to make everything "perfect"), but it's possible to watch the recording on demand as well. I probably do at least a dozen of these in any given year.

And I've got two more coming up shortly, on two subjects that I think are particularly important today. The first will explore device virtualization as a path to BYOD. I've long advocated the former (and over the past few years the latter), as it fits nicely with my info-centric view of the mobile world - the mobile device primarily as vehicle to access data and associated applications in the cloud. It's amazing how well desktop virtualization, clearly important in it own right, fits into this model, providing reliable, inexpensive IT solutions that are easy to implement and manage. This Webinar will demonstrate just how snug that fit is, and is sponsored by Dell. You can register here.

The second, sponsored by Meru Networks, who just announced their new MobileFLEX architecture and who have their own take on virtualization, will examine advances in the architecture of enterprise-class wireless-LAN systems, another topic near and dear to my heart. I've long contended that performance, flexibility, and overall functionality are much more dependent upon a particular vendor's approach to WLAN system architecture than mere radio designs alone. This is not to say that all APs are created equal - clearly, as my benchmarking work continues to show, they are not - but the ultimate performance that begins and ends with the AP is more a function of overall system architecture than any other factor. And, as we're now asking much, much more from our WLAN systems (identity management, application awareness, and bandwidth management, just to get started here), well, you see why I view this topic as so important. You can register for this Webinar here.

Both events are free, and I hope you can attend.

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