Ubunto12.04 LTS via Wubi, anyone can do it

I wouldn't rest until I made it work.

When we last left our hero he had restored his computer to its Windows 8 state without losing too much as a result of his rock-headed stunt of overwriting his Windows partition. It has been a busy two days, but by Monday night, early Tuesday morning my computer was back in Windows bliss.

While I had a ton of work to do, the geek in me was gnawing at my gut that Ubuntu had got the better of me and I had made a rookie mistake that cost me days of work time. Worse than that, my HP Touchpad running Android was stilled bricked, and after a taste of Ubuntu it was no longer on my system.

So as I wrote on Tuesday, I was looking for the best way to do Ubuntu right. Though the advice I was given was to run Linux in a virtual machine, the more I looked, the more I didn't like that option. There were some things that just didn't run well in a VM. So I decided that, although it may be a dinosaur, I was going to run a dual-boot setup with Windows 8 and Ubuntu.

I did a bunch of looking around and decided that what looked easiest for me was the Ubuntu via Windows installer, or WUBI. It looked simple enough. Just download the installer in Windows and let it do its thing. Ah, but you know me. I have two kinds of luck: bad and worse. Mr. Murphy was back! Wubi is not compatible with Windows 8. 

But a little digging around showed me that the issue was related to UEFI hardware that most Windows 8 boxes run today. Finally, I caught a break. Because my laptop was originally a Windows 7 box, it didn't have UEFI. It was regular old BIOS. So, although it was incompatible, I gave it a whirl.

It worked like a charm. It set up 16GB of disk space for Ubuntu and Windows 8 really does a nice job of dual boot. I have spent the last 48 hours tooling around, installing packages and stretching my wings. I can see the appeal of Ubuntu. I really like working in it. My biggest thing, I guess, is should I be different for difference sake, or is there some killer app I am missing?

Today I have bounced back and forth from Windows and Linux and am probably equally productive in both. Not only that, but I run many of the same apps with similar configs in both as well. So I am going to keep things like this for a while and give it a chance to grow on me.

In the meantime, last night I had some more good news. I tried again to debrick the Touchpad. Instead of stopping at the multi error that it always does, it got through that and looked like it was going to boot. Alas, right before the end of the script I hit another roadblock and my Touchpad remains dead. What a tease.

I won't give up, though. I made Linux run with Wubi in Windows 8. I will get that damn Touchpad up too!

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