iPad saves a man's face, takes a foul ball for the team

While using an iPad as a camera at a softball game, a man was saved from severe injury when a foul ball came racing his way

When it comes to materials, Apple spares no expense when it comes to its products. That said, thankfully the man in the video below was using an iPad, and not some knock off tablet.

What you see below is rather astonishing. A man is at a softball game in Iowa, casually taking photos with his iPad. Suddenly, a foul ball is headed right at him and knocks the iPad clean out of his hands. If the iPad wasn't there in front of his face to absorb the blow, it would have most certainly resulted in a severe injury.

One particularly funny YouTube comment noted, "The girl batting is an Android fan!"

Amazingly, the iPad was still functional after the impact.

via CNET

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