More weirdness at TSA passenger screening: Human skull fragments found

TSA agents at Fort Lauderdale came across human skull fragments tucked into the bottom of a flower pot

Some of the weirdest and scary stuff passes through our countriy's airports - guns, hand grenades, stun guns and samurai swords to name a few but this has to be one of the strangest: human skull fragments.

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TSA agents searching checked baggage at Fort Lauderdale last week came across human skull fragments tucked into the bottom of a flower pot.  The TSA notes that "while the fragments weren't a security threat, they did slow screening down a bit since the area quickly became a crime scene. The passengers had just purchased the pots, they said, stating that they had no idea skull fragments were inside."

The pot with the skull fragments and one other that was apparently still sealed will be evaluated at a lab. 

The Miami Herald reported that two women who owned the pots said they had visited Cuba earlier in the week where they bought two sealed pots at a religious shop.   "It's very possible that they had no idea what was inside," said Broward Sheriff's Office spokesman Mike Jachles, adding that the women volunteered to stay at the airport and speak to investigators.  "They were both sealed when they bought them."

The Huffington Post reported that this wasn't the first case of bones found passing through the Fort Lauderdale airport.  From the post: In February 2006, a Miramar woman who was a Voodoo priestess was arrested after a skull was found in her carry-on while she went through customs upon her return from Haiti.  The skull, about a year old, belonged to a male and was to have been used in religious rituals to repel evil spirits, federal authorities said.  Federal law makes it a crime to import human remains for medical or educational purposes without a death certificate.

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