A video and a blog post bolster the case against alien visitors

Why can’t we get a decent picture? And what on Earth would motivate them to come?

Longtime readers know that I am a bit of an anti-UFO buff, meaning that while I accept the noncontroversial notion that there is likely alien life out there somewhere, there exists no compelling evidence that such life has dropped by Earth for a visit.

My confidence in the latter assertion grows stronger lately every time I see a video like this tragic one of a cargo plane crash in Afghanistan on Monday that killed seven crewmen.

And that proves space aliens haven't been here how?


It doesn't, of course, but every time I see something like this - a meteor streaking across the sky in Russia, for another recent example - it drives home the point that virtually every human being on the planet is walking and/or driving around with a camera these days.

Yet our pictures of alien spacecraft? They have not improved at all.

You can chalk it up to bad luck, government/media conspiracies or devilishly clever alien anti-photographic technologies, but I lean toward the more obvious conclusion: Unlike plane crashes and meteors, there are no alien spacecraft to photograph.

In an entertaining blog post, inventor/entrepreneur Paul Tyma, takes an entirely different path to reach the same conclusion, writing "that if there are any aliens with the ability to come visit us, they would almost assuredly not care to."

I recommend reading the whole thing, but here's the tl;dr version: If they are smart enough to overcome the enormous technological challenges necessary to get them here, they would almost certainly lack sufficient motivation to tackle the trip because we have nothing to offer that they couldn't make or find closer to home.

However, if Tyma is wrong and they have been coming anyway, I am quite confident that one of us would have gotten a clear picture by now.

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