Google I/O attendees each given a pricey Chromebook Pixel

‘Those are not cheap’


No wonder so many developers want to attend Google's annual I/O conference: the swag can't be beat.

From a San Francisco Chronicle report:

Everyone in the audience is getting a free Chromebook Pixel, a high-end laptop developed by Google. It has a high-resolution touch-screen display and usually carries a high price tag - starting at $1,299. It runs Google's Chrome operating system, which is meant mostly for online use.

Google has said that selling Pixels isn't the company's main goal with the machine. Rather, the company made it to showcase Google's vision for the future of computing. So giving Pixels away to engineers and entrepreneurs is consistent with that strategy.

A nod of approval from Twitter:


Since tickets for Google I/O cost $900, well, you can do the math.

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