Reader pines for a different kind of Microsoft store

Cleveland-area opening didn’t come with a Weezer concert either


For days now I've had the song "Buddy Holly" stuck in my head because of all the radio ads playing here in anticipation of Saturday's opening of a Microsoft retail store in the nearby Natick Mall that will be followed by a free performance by Weezer.

I like that song, so as earworms go it could be worse ... a lot worse. Writes Dan Hanson, proprietor of

When my local (Beachwood, a suburb of Cleveland) Microsoft Store opened in April they had Kelly Clarkson perform, not Weezer.

When I entered the store I could see why.  Lots of pastels and bright colors and a focus on Surface, Windows Phone, Xbox and Windows 8.  No SharePoint or server stuff to be found.  Obviously a young target audience.  Harumph!

For someone of my, ahem, mature age who started with a TRS-80 Model 1 and has grown with the industry it was nice to finally see a Microsoft Store but where was the Answer Desk when I was dealing with Expanded vs. Extended memory or moving from Windows 3.1 to Windows for Workgroups?

Living in Cleveland I am lucky to be able to see the Rolling Stones exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but they skipped us on their tour.  I haven't bothered to check Weezer's tour dates. <g>

You can check out photos and a video by Hanson of the Cleveland-area opening here.

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