SilverSky acquires StillSecure's MSSP business

StillSecure's NAC business remains independent.

Someone once told me that starting a company is a lot like owning a boat. The best two days are the day you buy it or start it and the day you sell it. So today is a good day for StillSecure, which just announced that it has sold its managed security services business to SilverSky. 

I helped my long-time friend Rajat Bhargava start StillSecure back in the dark days after 9/11. Over the years, the company went through many twists and turns. We built an intrusion prevention product and vulnerability management platform, pioneered network access control, and finally acquired and grew a managed security services business. 

I left StillSecure in October of 2009 but have stayed close to my friends there. I have watched as they continue to grow and move the company forward. So I was very happy to see the MSSP division find a long-term home with SilverSky.

I, of course, am very familiar with SilverSky, having covered them here in Network World, as well as on my own blog. I spoke with SilverSky CTO Andy Jaquith about this acquisition earlier this week. Andy and the SilverSky team are very excited acquiring the StillSecure MSSP business. They get about 40 great people to join the company, including the SOC/NOC staff here in Florida, the MSSP sales team, and an engineer or two in Colorado.

SilverSky also inherits the great partner/channel relationships that were built over the years, as StillSecure concentrated on the hosting provider market for its MSSP business. Nurturing those will be the key to maximizing the value of this acquisition. SilverSky has some great security services and will add the StillSecure offerings to the mix. Andy says they are still working out what parts of the StillSecure information management infrastructure they will use long term. For now, everything will remain the same.

SilverSky's MSSP business is pretty big and the StillSecure MSSP business is not going to be a huge add to the revenue. But the people and resources should prove very valuable to SilverSky.

Details around financials of the transaction were not disclosed and I am not going to speculate here. I have always been a big believer in the MSSP market and think that this will result in a stronger SilverSky.

What about the non-MSSP part of StillSecure? At this point, it is the network access control business. Safe Access has always been a quality product in the space. It has enjoyed wide adoption within the U.S. DoD and in private enterprise. StillSecure will continue to exist as a NAC provider. Former CTO James Brown will step in as CEO of StillSecure and lead the company. Raj Bhargava will stay on as Chairman, but is involved in several other new ventures. Other StillSecure executives will be leaving to pursue new opportunities. It will be interesting to see how the NAC business does set free of the MSSP and other business priorities.

In the meantime, I am happy to see this new development in the StillSecure lifecycle. I think back to all of the great people I have worked with and met at StillSecure. It gave me a chance to become part of the great community of security people that I still interact with every day. That really has been the greatest part of being involved with the company. I hope the MSSP business continues to thrive with SilverSky and the remaining Stillsecure business also continues to seek out new opportunities and new business.

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