Something's missing: Cisco hotshot eternally grateful for magic of video editing

In this version of Interop keynote, Cisco SVP Rob "Blue Shoes" Soderbery sticks to Internet of Everything, basketball star Kyrie Irving handles the shooting

While Cisco used the company's keynote slot at Interop last month to tout the Internet of Everything concept, deft video editors were careful not to include Everything in the video of the presentation that Cisco posted to YouTube on June 14. And no one is more thankful for that than Cisco SVP Rob "Blue Shoes" Soderbery.

In the video, we see the lean, not-so-mean Soderbery and a colleague on stage discussing how the NBA might take advantage of the Internet of Everything, from monitoring sensor-equiped balls to enabling coaches to crunch data fed from WiFi-connected cameras. Then Cisco brought in special guest Kyrie Irving, a star basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, for a little shooting competition with Soderbery, "a bit of a basketball player back in the day."

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What you see on the official Cisco video after Irving is introduced is the reining Rookie of the Year canning a couple of shots, with Soderbery spectating, ready to pounce on rebounds that never come.

What those of us in the actual Interop Las Vegas audience witnessed (as seen briefly below), however, was Irving shutting out the Cisco SVP, who had a worse conversion rate than Cisco did with the Cius tablet. Maybe the blooper reel is still on its way?

Of course, this is all easy for me to say. I actually had the chance to play pickup ball a number of times with Kyrie's dad -- another pretty fair basketball player -- while we were students at Boston University. Let's just say I'm happy that was a long time before the action could be captured on Web services such as YouTube or Tout.

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