Video Q&A: The Cloud of Tomorrow

John Considine from Verizon Terremark on current and future cloud consumption trends

If you're wondering about the current state of enterprise cloud computing and whether you're ahead or behind the game, check out the following two videos. Earlier this year at Interop 2013, John Gallant (chief content officer at IDG Enterprise) sat down with John Considine, CTO at Verizon Terremark, to discuss Considine's keynote at the show, which covered "The Cloud of Tomorrow". Considine discusses the current shortcomings of the cloud, and where he sees enterprises heading with this technology.

Part 1: The current state of cloud computing in the enterprise, as seen by Verizon Terremark's perspective:

Part 2: Considine discusses current enterprise cloud consumption trends, and whether we're at a tipping point for the adoption of cloud computing.

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