Certified 802.11ac – It’s Here

Just in case you missed it – the Wi-Fi Alliance has announced that it’s certifying early .11ac products – one more reason why 802.11ac is sooner rather than later.

Somewhat ahead of my expectations in terms of timing, the Wi-Fi Alliance has announced that it's now certifying draft 802.11ac products. I hadn't expected to see this development until closer to the end of the year, and, to be fair, what they've listed as certified at present are reference designs rather than finished-goods products that end-users might buy. But since so many .11ac products are in fact based on these reference designs, and since the certification process will undoubted serve us in a manner analogous to the work that the Alliance has done in the past, which is to say, very well, indeed, let's just consider this development as one more concrete bit of evidence that 802.11ac is accelerating and that, again, organizations everywhere should have the investigation of this latest in a long line of WLAN standards on their near-term to-do list.

I've been on the road all this week, so I apologize for the delay in getting this posted. And a pleasant summer weekend to all!

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