Because there’s not enough anonymity on the Internet

Or enough social networks

So there's a new social network on the block called Duvamis that is touting super-duper anonymity as its calling card.

From a Computerworld story on our site:

The company says that anonymity allows its users to express themselves freely, ignoring social or peer pressure. ...

"We are pleased to provide users with a truly anonymous forum for free communication and self-expression," said Peter Gechy, a Duvamis vice president. "We are confident users will find the Duvamis community as a space free from outside influence where they can show their true identity and a catalyst for self-discovery."

The story notes that "the site's founders also are remaining anonymous, in keeping with the rules of the site."

Rules are rules. ... And nothing inspires confidence in a startup operation quite like founders who won't put their names on the project.

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