Video: Up close with Logitech's UC Solution for Cisco

Check out this special keyboard, mouse and Webcam for Cisco Jabber users

You wouldn't think that a vendor would want to create an "enterprise keyboard" or business-focused webcam, but the growing importance of unified communications within companies is creating such a market.

Logitech is recognizing this new trend - it has a new series of products in its business line of products geared towards those workers. This includes business-focused products like better webcams for videoconferencing, headsets for VoIP-based calls and specialized UC-supported keyboards.

Logitech UC Solution Keyboard K-725C

Mike Langberg from Logitech recently stopped by my office to give a quick demo of Logitech's UC Solution for Cisco system, which includes a Cisco Jabber-supported keyboard (the K725-C), a HD webcam (C920-C) and ergonomic mouse all geared for Jabber users. The system basically replaces a user's desktop phone system, and also works well with users who might be at a company where they don't have a permanent cube/office setup (aka hoteling). Langberg gives us a cool demo of how the system works with Jabber:

I recently tried out the company's headphones, and am using the C930e Webcam (a separate business webcam from Logitech, not associated with the UC Solution for Cisco) for some Skype video chats (we may review that later this year). Whether companies will embrace these new UC-focused peripherals is hard to tell - getting employees (and even IT sometimes) to go beyond their normal gear (embedded webcams and keyboards in notebooks, for example) can be tricky. Benefits from the new gear need to be quite significant in order for many companies to make the switch.

What do you think of Logitech's new gear? Let me know in the comments.

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