Keith and Craig Go To New York

I think I still prefer being behind the camera, but Keith Shaw put me on TV once again at a fun little press event in New York.

I'm assuming just about everyone is on vacation this week. I hope everyone at least had a nice holiday, and from what I understand, a good number of you won't be reading this until next Monday at the earliest. Such is summer in general; after all, especially given the fine weather we've been seeing in many parts of the country. I, for one, actually like the heat, which is a remarkable change from my attitude of 20 years ago. But, as usual, I digress.

Network World's own Keith Shaw roped me into helping him out at a recent press event in New York. A number of firms sponsor these mini trade shows, and I just love seeing all the new products and services. So I'd planned on being at this one anyway, but, when Keith found out, he asked if could help him with the informal videos he often shoots at such affairs. So you can see me, with Keith behind the camera this time, discussing a number of very cool new products. These videos are raw and unrehearsed, which I think adds to their value.

Of particular interest to me were Maingear's Epic PCs, serious barn-burning, liquid-cooled monsters that remind me of my days in supercomputing, now two decades in the past. Some might argue that PCs this fast (and expensive - it's easy to spend way more that US$5,000) appeal only to nerds and gamers, but remember - it's always better to have too much than not enough.

I've worked with Keith on more projects over the years, including a number of videos, than I can count. And, of course, he's in charge of Network World's annual Holiday Gift Guide. I'm hoping that at least some of the products in the videos, and maybe a few others we saw that were equally interesting but that didn't make the video cut, will be on the agenda for that one. Stay tuned for that in the Fall.

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