Google Glass in the NFL? … Two words: Jadeveon Clowney

‘Could it work in the NFL?’ … That depends on what you mean by work

ESPN the other day did a segment where reporter Katie Linendoll had quarterback Sam Bradford and wide receiver Tavon Austin of the St. Louis Rams play catch while wearing Google Glass.

"What about the latest tech buzz, Google Glass: Could it work in the NFL?" Linendoll asks introducing the segment. And the answer is why yes, yes it could, at least if you're talking about one NFL player tossing a football and another one catching it on a practice field in the summertime. Watch:

But what about Google Glass really working in the NFL, as in being used in an actual game? That was the essence of the question.

Well, there would be obstacles and they were not addressed, one being that the NFL today only allows in-game electronic communication between the quarterback and a coach (plus one defensive player), despite the fact that crowd noise often prevents even nearby offensive linemen from hearing the snap count. I'm having a hard time envisioning the rules committee making a leap from today's near technological prohibition all the way up to Google Glass.

But never mind the rules; maybe Google writes a big enough check and that issue goes away.

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The obstacle that I cannot see Google Glass overcoming on an NFL field is the likes of Jadeveon Clowney, he of perhaps the most famous football tackle since Chuck Bednarik of the Philadelphia Eagles nearly decapitated Frank Gifford of the New York Giants back in 1960. ESPN has been playing last year's Clowney tackle every 10 minutes or so recently both because it's nominated for an ESPY Award and it's astonishing to watch no many how many times you've seen it before. Take a look:

Now imagine if the running back had been wearing Google Glass. Enough said. 

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