PR pitch misses the mark by a country mile

With all due respect to Katie Armiger

A public relations professional sends an email and I ponder:

"Hi Paul: Our company handles PR for Katie Armiger."

That's nice. I have never heard of Katie Armiger. Perhaps she is an entrepreneur, a high-tech exec, the next Marissa Mayer.


"Katie will be in town performing at the WKLB Block Party on Sunday, July 28th in Boston."

I have never heard of WKLB or its Block Party. Boston, yes. Katie Armiger is not an entrepreneur, but rather a performer of some kind.

"I wanted to see whether there are any editorial opportunities with your publication in which she could be considered for to promote her latest single and current tour."

Ah, Katie Armiger is a singer. Network World does not often write about singers or their tours; check that: I'm going to break the "never say never" rule and declare that Network World has never once written about a singer's latest single and current tour. ... But go on.

"Katie has charted five singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, including her latest single, Playing With Fire."

Oh, Katie Armiger is a country singer. That's different. We don't write about country singers because we don't write about singers ... and I'm not much of a country fan. (Doh! I'm writing about it; "never say never" remains undefeated.)

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"She is currently having success with sales on Soundscan and is receiving strong airplay at Country radio.  She just made her 5th Grand Ole Opry appearance and she recently crossed over 3 million YouTube Channel views."

I do like YouTube.

"In addition, fan votes netted her the No. 1 in Country Weekly's Hottest Bachelorette issue (second year in a row), as well as the No. 3 slot in the magazine's most beautiful women country music list."

Why didn't you say so? When can I interview her?

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