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New blog from Network World Senior Writer Brandon Butler will tell you everything you need to know about the world of cloud computing.

Technology is a fast-changing industry, but every once in a while a technology comes along that fundamentally resets the landscape. The move from mainframes to client-servers was a titanic shift in the industry. The advent of compute virtualization opened up massive new opportunities years later.

Today, we’re at another crossroads with a confluence of new technologies joining together to create rapid change in the industry. Mobile computing is becoming a dominant technology consumption model while great new communication platforms make it easier than ever to collaborate and virtualization in networking could be as big as a shift as virtualized compute.

And then there is the cloud. To some cloud computing is just a buzzword and marketing term used by legacy IT vendors to modernize their products. But it’s revolutionizing the consumer technology market while there are also a whole new crop of companies that have massive IT operations but have never bought a server and live all in the cloud. Cloud computing is growing from niche use cases like test and development and disaster recovery to becoming a major strategic initiative within enterprises today. As that happens, competition in the industry is heating up.

Not a day goes by that there is not something exciting happening in this industry. This blog will be the place to make sure you’re on top of it all.

Senior Writer Brandon Butler covers cloud computing for Network World and NetworkWorld.com. He can be reached at BButler@nww.com and found on Twitter at @BButlerNWW.

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