802.11ac in Depth: A Day with Matthew Gast

Please join us (via the Web, of course) on 9 September for an entire day with Wi-Fi expert Matthew Gast, author of *the* book on 802.11ac.

Matthew Gast is one of those amazing people that make the wireless world so vibrant and engaging. I first met him at Trapeze Networks (who have largely disappeared into the bowels of Juniper Networks), and he's now at Aerohive Networks as Director of Product Management. But, more importantly Matthew is the author of a new book on 802.11ac, which is the book on the subject. Like his earlier work on 802.11n, this work is comprehensive and overall an excellent introduction to both the technology and issues accompanying the deployment of .11ac.

Which is why I'm very excited to have the chance to participate in an all-day (literally, 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM pacific time) online event on 9 September. The plan is to discuss a new question about 802.11ac (and there are a lot of these!) every hour on the hour, and we'll cover both the basics and many of the interesting details of .11ac. You will also have a chance to ask questions and participate in the discussion. I'm pleased to serve as moderator, and can't wait to see all the directions such a forum might take us. 802.11ac is already taking the WLAN world by storm, and it only gets more intense from here. I'm hoping that this in-depth exploration will provide a firm grounding for those just getting started, clear up a few misconceptions, and otherwise allow all of us to tap Matthew's extensive knowledge, hands-on expertise, and insights on this vital topic.

I hope you can join us (just click the link above), at the very least for part of the day. Aerohive is sponsoring this event at their HiveNation site, and registration is free.

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