Crowdfunding site TubeStart seeks to give video creators their big break

YouTube video creators can raise funds to complete their projects

A new crowdfunding site called TubeStart is designed to help YouTube video creators get the money they need to do their projects from the sorts of people who might actually watch those videos. It's also aimed at helping such projects stand out more easily than they would on established crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

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The founders, Josef Holm and Claude Shires, started the outfit this year after seeing how challenging it was to fund production of their own YouTube channel, which aggregates and condenses stand-up comedy bits. You have to get an awful lot of YouTube views to make any money via Google AdSense.

The TubeStart platform lets any video creator start up a campaign for free, though you then do need to hand over a chunk of what you raise to TubeStart depending on the type of campaign you run and how successful it is. Investors can make one-time contributions to campaigns seeking $500 to $500,000 in total or pay subscriptions of $5 to $150 per month to help fund projects.

Early projects on the site include a slo-mo channel and the happiest channel on earth.

Crowdfunding sites are blossoming, and starting to specialize in supporting certain types of projects. For example, here's a post we ran recently on a crowdsourcing platform for open source projects.

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