HTC grants our wishes: HTC One will run Windows Phone 8

HTC is preparing to bring Harmony to WP8 customers, and a little heartburn to Nokia.

This one burns me. Having given up on the Lumia family for being power-hungry monsters, I had gone over to the dark side and finally found an Android phone I could live with, the Samsung Galaxy S4. I had nothing against Apple; I'd owned an iPhone since 2008. But the screen was too small for my fat fingers and stretching it in one dimension but not the other made it look like a Pez dispenser.

I remember playing with the HTC One and thinking, "if only it ran Windows Phone…" Well, I got my wish, along with the Galaxy and a two-year contract with Verizon Wireless. Just not in that order.

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This Windows Phone blog claims it on good authority that we will indeed see an HTC One running Windows Phone 8 with GDR3, the latest patch. A second site, called Eye on Windows, reports the device will indeed be the One running WP8, and the product name will be Harmony.

Both sites claim the phone will have a 4.7-inch display, the Beats Audio technology found in the One, and will come with 32GB of internal storage, which is twice the amount available in the HTC 8X. The gossips are not sure if the HTC UltraPixel camera will also be included.

What you probably won't get with the Harmony is Get Started and BlinkFeed. You actually configure the One by going to a webpage where the Get Started app lets you pick the items you want on your top-level screen. You can pick things like news feeds, weather, and so forth.

BlinkFeed is a scrolling set of updates that you configure in Get Started. You may remember seeing HTC One ads that poked fun at people digging through their phone to find information. It's been my main quibble with Android as well. Stuff is scattered all over the place and lacks the sense of unity that iOS has.

It was as close to the Windows Phone Live Tiles as Android got, really. So in some ways, you won't really need it. You can configure the Live Tiles easily enough.

Naturally, this is good news if it comes to fruition. The Windows Phone platform has become a solid No. 3 option now that BlackBerry is fading from relevance (a pity), and I really didn't want to see WP become a one-vendor solution. Rather than giving up on Windows Phone, it looks like HTC is doubling down with its best hardware, which will force Nokia to up its game.

But now I’m thinking, "if only I'd read this a week earlier…"

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