Webinar This Week: Desktop Virtualization in Healthcare

This Thursday, I’m speaking in a Webinar on desktop virtualization in healthcare. We’re going to look at how one of the key enabling technologies for IT mobility will specifically benefit healthcare applications and operations.

I'm a huge believer, as I've noted before, is the power of desktop virtualization to transform how we look at mobility from an enterprise IT perspective. Desktop virtualization is an easy way to mobilize existing applications (with minimal cost in terms of time, dollars, and risk) and to provision future applications as well - why write a lot of custom apps for specific combinations of handsets and mobile operating systems when the write once/run anywhere approach is both alive and so easy to deploy?

So, this Thursday at 2:00 EDT we're presenting a Webinar on how desktop virtualization might in fact be the ideal strategy for one of the most demanding centers of IT, healthcare. Matt Law of Dell and I will discuss the motivations, opportunities and technologies involved here. I hope you can join us - registration is free, and I've heard that Dell is also holding a drawing for an XPS 10 tablet. You can get the details here. I look forward to seeing you then.

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