Finding your Ada Lovelace for systems and networks

Is that potential employee a ninja with much fu or were they dragged in by the cat?

When you're looking for that next hire, you want the best, right? While a card jockey like Joseph Marie Jacquard might be good, wouldn't you really prefer Ada Lovelace? 'Course you would but how to tell the difference?

In the coding world there is something called the "competency matrix for programmers" compiled by Sijin Joseph. This matrix is a checklist that can be used to determine the skill level of a programmer by asking about their level of understanding of various aspects of  computer science, software engineering, programming, experience, and knowledge. The levels of understanding start at level 0 which characterizes a programming n00b up to level 3, a programmer with serious fu.

For example, in the programming category under frameworks level 0 is "Has not used any framework outside of the core platform" while level 3 is "Author of framework".

As a benchmark for understanding whether the guy or gal you're considering was dragged in by the cat or is actually a black belt code ninja it's a really good tool.

But, asked a list friend of mine, why isn't there a similar competency matrix for systems and networking? Good question. I could imagine the categories might be operating systems, integration, security, infrastructure fabric, network management, user management, and applications management but after that, where to begin?

So, if you have suggestions for the topics in each category for systems and networks or feel you have a better category list say so down below or drop a note to Then follow me on, and Facebook.

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