"Sir, there is no way your Twitter handle is @alphadoggs"

Stand-up comic Judah Friedlander not buying my alphadoggs act

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Over the weekend I attended a comedy performance by Judah Friedlander, best known as Frank the hat guy on the TV show 30 Rock, and by sitting in the front row I knew it was only a matter of time before the heckling began. Though Friedlander, whose shtick largely revolves around him being the World Champion of just about everything, is a pretty equal opportunity heckler as it turns out.

Anyway, the reason I mention it here is that the comic asked me what I did for a living and I responded that I was a journalist and in fact had been tweeting with him in advance of the show. He asked for my Twitter handle and when I replied @alphadoggs, he paused, looked at my middle-aged self among a slew of young Babson College students, and said: "Sir, there is no way your handle is @alphadoggs." Everyone yucked it up. (Friedlander, by the way goes by @JudahWorldChamp on Twitter.)

But indeed, @alphadoggs is my handle -- one I concocted years ago when starting this blog, with "alpha" referring to the early-stage network research I mainly focus on in the blog and "doggs" well, just to be cool, a la Snoop Dogg. Okay, I'm stuck with it now...

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