ShoreTel on Talking to CEOs About UC; 2013 Top Contact Center Trends from Avaya

Reader Resources: Research, Case Studies, and Analysis

Today we’d like to draw your attention to two reader resources that were recently posted at Webtorials.  The first paper, titled “Top Reasons for CEOs to Choose Unified Communications” begins with the premise that convincing a CEO to adopt a UC solution should not be difficult. The CEO looking to remain competitive and offer exceptional service will want to adopt UC because of its effect on the enterprise as a whole - the system will please everyday users, IT professionals and business decision makers.  This report provides quantitative research data that supports a decision in favor of UC, with research data points from Webtorials Editorial and Analytic Division, Ohio State University,  the University of California-Irvine, Infonetics, and others.  The paper also sprinkles in some case studies that show examples of real-life UC deployment results. The second report identifies the “Top Five Contact Center Trends for 2013” and it was authored by Nemertes Research on behalf of Avaya.  The rise of consumer mobile devices, social media, and the coming of browser-based rich media capabilities create a growing challenge for customer service and customer engagement professionals: How to transform "contact centers" into platforms that can support a seamless customer experience spanning multiple devices and media.  Written by Irwin Lazar at Nemertes, the study identifies key trends that are reshaping customer experience management. Among the trends that a contact center needs to account for and incorporate: mobile device engagement, “Big Data” and speech analytics, and the popularity of consumer social media.  Lazar defines and details the trends, offering advice on how to incorporate these into a customer experience and management strategy.  Both reports are available at ; our thanks to ShoreTel and Avaya for sharing this research and analysis. 

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