Win at fantasy football with SkyPhrase

Research your fantasy picks with SkyPhrase

Startup SkyPhrase is a natural language search engine that claims:

With SkyPhrase, you can pose a question in simple natural language, and our artificial intelligence technology will figure out what you mean, and how to answer. Our goal is to make it easy to use all data this simply. Our web analytics and football statistics services are early steps towards achieving this goal.

So, while Web analytics might be sexy, techie, and leading edge it's what the other side of SkyPhrase does that has the juice: Fantasy football stats.

Now I have to admit I have no understanding of (or for that matter interest in) fantasy football but that's because while I like football (as a resident alien I was converted into a fan of sorts because my son played quarterback)  I a) I don't enjoy games in general, b) don't have time for games, and c) don't get the lure of fantasy football. That said, I know many people, my stepson included, who find fantasy football addictive. 

So, what can SkyPhrase do for your fantasy team? You can compare players, search for specific stats and, set up alerts for when specific things happen during games. In short, SkyPhrase allows you to analyze,slice, and dice what matters to you and what I don't care in the slightest about. In fact, SkyPhrase makes it so easy "All you need to do is follow @SkyPhrase and then tweet your query at @SkyPhrase with the hashtag #nfl." and voila! Stats on demand.

May the force be with you. 

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