Tweet from T-Mobile CEO John Legere hints that iPad may be coming to T-Mobile

A tweet from T-Mobile's CEO seems to indicate Apple's iconic tablet will be coming to T-Mobile sometime soon

On October 22, Apple will hold yet another media event where the company is expected to announce a slew of new products and software. First up, we'll likely hear a lot more about OS X Mavericks. Also of note is that 9to5Mac this week unearthed new icons for GarageBand and iPhoto, a discovery which perhaps points to updates for a few of Apple's mobile iLife applications. 

Next, we can certainly expect to hear more about Apple's newly redesigned Mac Pro. You know, the sleek looking device that prompted Apple executive Phil Schiller to remark, "Can't innovate anymore my ass!"

Following that, expect Apple to spend the bulk of next Tuesday's event talking all things iPad.

Rumored to be on the agenda is an iPad Mini with a Retina Display. While Apple was initially reluctant to release a tablet in a form factor smaller than 9.7-inches, the success of smaller sized Android-based tablets ultimately persuaded the folks in Cupertino to follow suit. And thus far, iPad Mini sales have been quite strong. As for Apple's full sized iPad, the rumor mill suggests that Apple's fifth-gen iPad will be announced. What's more, some leaked spy shots indicate that Apple's new iPad may be available in Space Grey, much like the iPhone 5s. One interesting thing to keep an eye out for is whether or not Apple's fifth-gen iPad will be getting the Touch ID treatment or not.

And speaking of the iPad, T-Mobile CE John Legere earlier this week tweeted out the following after Apple officially announced its planned media event.

What has two thumbs and is excited for October 22? #thisguy

— John Legere (@JohnLegere) October 16, 2013

So just why would T-Mobile's CEO take time to say he's excited for Apple's upcoming event? Well, unless he's an avowed iPad fan, it stands to reason that the iPad may soon be offered by T-Mobile. T-Mobile has of course always been late to the Apple party. Remember that they were the last of the largest 4 U.S.-based carriers to start carrying the iPhone, a move that didn't happen until April of this year.

With Apple's media event just days away, we'll be finding out soon enough.

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