Restricted by LinkedIn for doing what they wanted me to do

LinkedIn encourages you to make connections in bulk but may well penalize you for doing so

I've always rather liked LinkedIn because compared to services such as Facebook and Twitter it's actually useful. Unfortunately the company just did something that made me like the company a whole lot less: They restricted my account.

The reason given was that a number of people had received connection requests from me and indicated that they didn't know me. As a consequence LinkedIn required that I click-sign an agreement to behave and to get the restriction removed but there's a small problem with all of this; it was LinkedIn that made the connection requests on my behalf.

Sometime ago I foolishly allowed LinkedIn to access my Gmail address book which contained several thousand entries. I weeded out a number of people who I knew I didn't want to connect with but after working through the list for an hour or so, I gave up thinking that anyone who wasn't interested would just ignore the request and so I let LinkedIn just get on with it. and that was what caused LinkedIn to restrict me ...

So, LinkedIn gives you a way to connect with people in bulk but you can be penalized for using the feature ... a feature that they repeatedly encourage you to use. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

I'd be interested to hear if this nonsense has happened to you too.

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