Twitter heats up during World Series: Did Drew Get A Hit?

Twitter account tracks Red Sox shortstop's batting futility

For those of us watching the World Series intently, precious little time is left for anything else these days (though mercifully, the late starting games haven't lasted as long as typical Red Sox games so far). That makes Twitter a godsend, allowing us to digest the most important news of the day in 140 characters or less.

Among the must-follow accounts, Not Tim McCarver, which savages one half of the most headache-inducing broadcasting team in sports one inane comment at a time.

"As the leaves change in New England, so does the score." - real Tim McCarver. In St. Louis.

— NotTim McCarver (@FakeTimMcCarver) October 28, 2013

Though my new favorite is the likely short-lived: Did Drew Get A Hit?, which documents in one-word tweets smooth-fielding Red Sox shortstop Stephen Drew's epic struggles at the plate during the series (though hey, he did get a sac fly Sunday night).


— Did Drew Get A Hit? (@DidDrewGetAHit) October 28, 2013

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