Google's cloud expands support for MySQL connections

Databases will be king in the cloud

Google today rolled out new functionality to its database offerings, adding support for native MySQL connections.

That means that customers will have an easier time using their existing connections between applications and MySQL, even when the database is hosted in Google's cloud. It’s an important move because often times users are concerned about how the cloud presents a whole new management paradigm. The more the cloud can mirror traditional processes, the easier that migration will be.

The move also reflects an increased focus on database support by cloud companies. Cloud providers, like Google, Rackspace and Amazon, are adding to theri arsental of cloud products by rolling out hosted versions of SQL databases, and new form NoSQL databases too. 

Here’s an explanation from Google’s Developer Blog:

"Today, we are embracing open standards and expanding customers’ choice of tools, technologies and architectures by adding support for native MySQL connectionsMySQL Wire Protocol is the standard connection protocol for MySQL databases. It lets you access your replicated, managed, Cloud SQL database from just about any application, running anywhere. Here are some of the top features enabled by the MySQL Wire Protocol:

 Here’s more, directly from the horse’s mouth. 

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