YouTube co-founder not a fan of YouTube's new Google+ commenting policy

You might say, and this would be putting it lightly, that YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim isn't too thrilled about the new commenting rules on YouTube.

Google recently made some slightly annoying changes to the way comments work on YouTube. You see, in an effort to bolster its laggard social network, Google now requires that all YouTube comments be associated with a Google+ account. Naturally, YouTube users are none too thrilled with the development.

One outspoken critic of the change is YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim. You might recall that Karim appeared in the first video ever uploaded to YouTube way back in April of 2005. The video in and of itself is nothing special and merely depicts Karim hanging out at the San Diego Zoo.

Ever since Google acquired YouTube, Karim really hasn't been in the spotlight much. But Google's new commenting policy clearly stirred up some fire within.

Bluntly exclaiming on his own YouTube channel, Karim asked, "Why the f*** do I need a google+ account to comment on a video?"

A great question.

Of course, the official YouTube blog tries to explain it thusly:

We told you recently that better commenting is coming to YouTube. Starting this week, when you’re watching a video on YouTube, you’ll see comments sorted by people you care about first. If you post videos on your channel, you also have more tools to moderate welcome and unwelcome conversations. This way, YouTube comments will become conversations that matter to you.

Utterly absurd. There's no reason why Google couldn't implement this as a feature as opposed to making it the default.

All in the interest of furthering Google+.

If this is what synergy smells like, it ain't pretty.

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