Powering your iPhone when there's not enough juice

If you're plugging your iDevice into something that can't power it you'll run out of juice. Here's a fix

My car is a 2009 model and while it has Bluetooth to connect to my cellphone because the car's audio system was designed before the spec for wireless audio streaming was available I can only listen to audio from my iPhone via the car's wired 30-pin connector. 

This would be fine except the connector doesn't provide enough power to recharge my iPhone or even an iPod so on long road trips I find myself juggling my iPhone between playing audio and recharging.

There had to be a solution and while I thought I remembered seeing an ad for a Y-cable that provided a 30-pin passthrough with a USB connector for power I couldn't find any such thing except for BMWs. Then I discovered the dockStubz+ adapter from CableJive.

The dockStubz+ adapter from CableJive

Priced at $22.95 the dockStubz+ is a 30-pin passthrough connector with a mini USB connector on the side. Plug a mini to standard USB cable into the dockStubz+ and your power adapter then plug your iDevice into the dockStubz and the dockStubz into whatever you're connecting it to and voila! A fully powered device.

Another thing I like about the dockStubz+ and it's sister connector, the dockStub (which doesn't have a USB power adapter, priced at $16.95) is that they lift your iDevice up so when you have a case that would otherwise make it impossible to use with a docking station you won't have to remove the case. Brilliant!

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