Upcoming Webinar: 802.11ac Technologies and Deployment Strategies

More – a lot more – on 802.11ac. I don’t think any previous WLAN technology has a more rapid market uptake. But even if you have no current plans for .11ac – well, read on…

OK, by now I think everyone is aware of my opinion that the time for 802.11ac is now, whether you're ready for a production deployment (many are), want to try out the technology to see what it can really do, or simply want to prevent the unauthorized use of .11ac via appropriate monitoring and assurance tools. No matter what your strategy here might be, though, 802.11ac isn't some future direction or curiosity - it's here, and, again, now. A strategy, then, is essential - and, again, today.

So I'm pleased to announce that I've got another Webinar on this subject in the works, this one on Wednesday, 18 December 13, at 11:30 AM ET. This event is sponsored by assurance leader WildPackets - you've probably used or at least seen their broad collection of network monitoring, performance management, analysis and troubleshooting, and assurance solutions. This time, we'll be looking at both the technologies and deployment strategies surrounding 802.11ac, covering the technical details and providing solid advice for IT. We'll review the technology evolution inherent in .11ac, deployment alternatives, and the latest in tools.

As always, registration is free. Please join us for a detailed look at 802.11ac in the enterprise. And, yes, 802.11ac is on my Top 10 list for 2014, which I'll have more on shortly.

In the meantime - a pleasant Thanksgiving holiday to all! See you next week.

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