The most dangerous iPhone case ever

It's not just a protective iPhone case and booster battery, it's a stun gun as well!

One of the more dangerous gadgets I have ever received is on my desk and, frankly, it makes me nervous. It's like having a hornet's nest in front of me and knowing that if I'm careless I'm going to get really badly stung ... the device is - and I'm not making this up - an iPhone case.

What makes the case, named quite appropriately the Yellow Jacket, so dangerous is that it has a built-in stun gun ... really. Here's what it looks like:

Back view of the Yellow Jacket iPhone case

See those two prongs at the top right of the view above? That's what you jab against someone's lower neck, arm, or whatever exposed part of their anatomy you can get at. 

Front view of the Yellow Jacket iPhone case

To get ready for fending off a bad guy, you slide the protective shield away from the prongs, slide the lower button on the right up, and, when you're ready to strike, Grasshopper, you press the top button on the right. When you do this a fearsome spark will arc between the prongs and, if you're checking this weapon out at home, your dog will immediately leave the room ... at least my dog did, the noise sounds like a nest of insanely angry hornets about to attack.

According to the FAQ the Yellow Jacket will cause "mild to serious pain and definite discomfort to the person it is used on." The FAQ continues to explain that zapping someone  for 1 to 2 seconds will feel like a bee sting or severe pinch while 3 to 4 seconds "will cause even more serious pain and muscle spasms/contraction and 5 seconds plus has been known to cause an assailant to hit the deck and/or experience short term mental/physical confusion. With this said, Yellow Jacket does not promise any of these effects at these specific time frames." Good to know.

While I'm sure that the Yellow Jacket could be an effective defense I suspect without some professional training and physical prowess the chances of zapping yourself or having the device taken out of your hand and used on you are pretty high. 

But before you go toting one of these devices around check out the FAQ entry below for restrictions by state and, of course, don't expect to get through airport security with one of these.

The Yellow Jacket is not only a defensive weapon, it's also a protective case for your iPhone and a booster battery that just about doubles your iPhone's run time. Priced at $139.99 the Yellow Jacket is available in black, red, yellow, white, and (and I'm not making this up) pink. Currently cases are only available for the iPhone 4/4S with iPhone 5/5s and Galaxy S4 available soon.

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From the Yellow Jacket General FAQ:

Stun guns are legal to own in most states by people 18 years of age and older. A handful of states require owners to prove that they are not convicted felons, while other states have bans on carrying stun guns at specific places such as schools, courthouses and other public buildings. 

California is the only state that requires your stun gun to have a serial code on it [MG note: The Yellow jacket does have a serial number].

Stun guns are legal in Illinois with an FOID.

Michigan residents can only purchase a stun gun from a local dealer, no online purchases and must have a firearm license.

Stun guns are legal in Wisconsin with a CCW license.

The states that do ban stun guns are:

- Hawaii

- Massachusetts

- New Jersey

- New York

- Rhode Island

- Wisconsin

- All US Virgin Islands

Counties and cities that ban stun guns include:

- Annapolis, MD

- Baltimore City, MD

- Baltimore County, MD

- Dennison, IA

- Crawford County, IA

- District of Columbia (D.C.)

- Harford County, MD

- Howard County, MD

- Philadelphia, PA

Many people think they know the legality and effects of stun guns without ever having done the research themselves. Don't let these naysayers stop you from being protected legally.

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