The CG Story - A must have for computer graphics fans

"The CG Story" is a lavish and engaging tour through the history of computer graphics

If you have any interest in computer graphics and animation at all I have a book you’ll love: "The CG Story: Computer Generated Animation & Special Effects” by Christopher Finch (Monacelli Press).

This lavish, 368 page survey of the computer graphics world starts with Michel-Marie Carquillat’s 1839 portrait of Joseph Marie Jacquard created using 24,000 punched cards and a jacquard loom through Pixar’s ground-breaking Toy Story to the spectacular CG scenery and special effects of Cloud Atlas, The Hobbit, and Life of Pi.

The full-color plates capture and underline the sheer power of computer graphics and how they have transformed not only film-making but also business, advertising, and engineering.

“The CG Story” is available as of today, December 3, priced at $75 and is a must have for CG junkies. Just gorgeous.

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