Law enforcement, a non-geeky use for Google Glass

Nope #ididntgetglass but the Byron, Ga., Police Department did and I'm envious

There’s no doubt that Google Glass is a great idea but, in practice, wearing them makes you look pretty nerdy … well, except for this gal …

But for everyone else, it’s not a look that says “cool and groovy,” it says “well-off and geeky” (and yes, I entered #ifihadglass and didn’t get picked and I’m still annoyed). 

But should you doubt that Glass will have an impact in a practical way here’s one of the first applications that is really convincing: Supporting law enforcement.

Yep, the Byron (Ga.) Police Department has been field-testing Glass and is, apparently,  pretty impressed. The system used by the BPD is based on the CopTrax in-car video system produced by Stalker Radar in conjunction with Georgia Tech.

According to the BPD tested whether Glass interferes with the ability of police officers to use firearms (it doesn’t) and used it in service during routine patrols. In the latter role it appears Glass is outstanding as can be seen from the clarity and dynamic range shown in this video of an real traffic stop with a arrest for an outstanding warrant.

Way cool and a harbinger of Glass to come. Just imagine automatic license plate recognition or facial recognition (which Google, wrong-headedly, currently does not allow) built-in to the likes CopTrax … it’s going to happen whether you think the ideas are good or not.

I suspect that in a  decade we’ll look back and rate Google Glass as one of the greatest drivers of innovation since the iPhone. There’s no doubt you’re going to see Glass and it’s competitors such as such as Telepathy springing up in all sorts of industries and, as far as I’m concerned, my only problem with all of this is simply #istilldonthaveglass. Yet.

#didyougetglass? What are you doing with it and if you don’t, what would you do with it if you did?

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