iPad with 12.9-inch display reportedly in the works

The latest Apple rumor out of Asia points to a larger-screened iPad on the horizon

While Steve Jobs may have said that tablets smaller than 9.7-inches would be dead on arrival, the release of the iPad Mini in November of 2012 is proof positive that Apple, though stubborn it may be, is more than capable of shifting strategies mid-stream.

That the iPad has been a monumental success can't be denied. Indeed, all competing tablet manufacturers can do to give the iPad a run for its money is experiment with varying screen sizes and absurdly low pricepoints. That being the case, a recent report from the Chinese-language PadNews relays that Apple may be toying with some different-sized form factors itself.

The report relays that Apple is currently testing five variations of a 12.9-inch iPad model. The report further states that Apple is currently testing models sporting 2K and 4K resolutions and that Apple may be eying a launch window sometime in April. This seems somewhat dubious given that the iPad Air didn't launch until November.

AppleInsider adds:

While the terms "2K" and "4K" were tossed about in the report, it made no mention of specific panel resolutions. Currently, the iPad Air boasts a 9.7-inch Retina display with a 2,048-by-1,536 pixel resolution, which by many standards is already a 2K panel.

While a 12+ inch iPad may seem a tad exorbitant, note that this isn't the first rumor we've heard in this regard. Just about two weeks ago, The Korea Times also reported that Apple is working on an iPad model with a significantly larger display.

Per usual, one would be well advised to take these rumors with a grain of salt until more substantive information emerges.

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