Now, more than ever, Twitter knows exactly where you are

Twitter has invested in increasing its geo-tracking feature

Twitter (TWTR) is stepping up its ability to track the location of its users.

The social sharing site has inked a deal to improve its geotracking feature by using a Location Intelligence platform from IT consulting firm Pitney Bowes, PB announced today.

Twitter users have the option of turning the geotracking on or off, and can chose whether their location is displayed in their status updates. Users can also delete their entire history of location tracking, Pitney Bowes says.

PB says that its software says that its "precise geocoding is built on addresses that have been carefully verified and validated prior to assigning latitude and longitude coordinates." The platform is ideal for mobile use, PB says. Some 60% of Twitter's 230 million users access the site on mobile devices.

The feature could have benefits for Twitter beyond just allowing users to display their location. Knowing where its users are can help the company potentially target advertisements specifically at users' whereabouts. On the other hand, some Tweeters could be turned off by the idea of the service being able to track their every move.

Senior Writer Brandon Butler covers cloud computing for Network World and He can be reached at and found on Twitter at @BButlerNWW.

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