NASA has built an Iron Man robot

It operates like Terminator, but looks a whole lot like Iron Man.

Nicolaus Radford of NASA JSC's Dexterous Robotics Lab says the group wanted to make NASA's entry in the DARPA Robotics Challenge "one that was just, when you saw it, you go 'wow, that's awesome.'" It looks like they succeeded.

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Dubbed "Valkyrie," the robot is basically Iron Man without the fictional billionare inside it. It even features the glowing orb in the center of its chest. It's the size of an NFL defensive end, standing 6'2" and weighing in at about 275 pounds. Its arms, hands, legs, and pelvis can all move independently, and are capable of being detached in a matter of minutes. It's equipped with cameras, sensors, and even sonar. Most importantly, it's entirely battery-powered, giving it an advantage over the similar Atlas robot designed by Boston Dynamics, which needs to be tethered to a cord for power.

Although Radford admits that the team wanted to make something that looks cool, Valkyrie is also designed to complete DARPA's challenge, in which the robot needs to walk over rough or uneven terrain, climb a ladder, use tools and drive. The aim is to encourage the development of robots that can assist in conditions in which humans cannot, like disaster relief. However, in the video Radford talks about the potential for Valkyrie to step foot on Mars, meaning this Terminator Iron Man could walk on the Red Planet before humans.

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