On the Internet, perhaps Twitter doesn't want you to be a dog

Harvey's Twitter account was suspended but we don't know why ...

How many dogs have Twitter accounts? The answer is hundreds ... just Google "how many dogs twitter accounts" and you'll find lists of Twitter hounds such as 125 Dogs on Twitter as well as loads of individual dog accounts. So, on November 22nd this year I decided to set up a Twitter account for my dog, Harvey. 

Harvey ... who's not happy about his Twitter account

I went through the usual account setup procedure and got the verification email, clicked on the link and that should have been it. But a couple of hours after creating the account the following message appeared: 

Your account (@Harvey_Gooddog) is currently suspended. For more information, please visit Suspended Accounts.

I followed the link, read the explanation and wound up none the wiser. I read Twitter's post Parody, commentary, and fan account policy ... nothing. I've read all of their guidelines and rules and I cannot see how Harvey's account could possibly be in violation of any of their policies; he wasn't aggressively following, he wasn't spamming, in fact, he wasn't doing much at all ... he'd only had the account for two hours.

I filed an appeal and got an automated response that said I should check Twitter's rules but that was no help, there's nothing about Harvey's account that should cause a problem. I've submitted a another request for an explanation and messaged @ginger who apparently works for Twitter and can help resolve such problems but so far, nothing.  

I understand that Twitter has a real problem with 'bots creating accounts for spamming purposes but the lack of transparency in their decision-making over account suspension and their lack of responsiveness is disappointing.

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