The guy who made a $10 million Victoria’s Secret diamond bra now wants to sell you a collaboration app

This nifty tool could help you keep track of projects

Fred Mouawad is perhaps best known for making Guiness Book of World Records-setting, $10 million bras that are worn by the top supermodels in the world, including Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Selita Ebanks, and Gisele Bündchen. 

And while his latest project may not have the sex appeal of a diamond-studded bra, it could have a big impact on how businesses get projects done.

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Mouawad is the fourth-generation executive of his family namesake's jewelry company, which is most popular in the Middle East and Asia but it's dazzling diamonds have been worn by celebrities at major award ceremonies. In addition to the jewelry business, Mouawad oversees six other companies too including a diamond cutting business, an IT consulting firm, a restaurant chain and food distribution business.

Each of those companies share some common business functions across the large umbrella firm named Synergia One, such as marketing and design departments. When running a massive globally distributed company like Synergia, Mouawad found it difficult to keep track of everything going on in the business. He created a internally-developed process-management application that was used internally to track the status of projects and hold employees accountable for work they should be doing. Last month Mouawad commercialized the platform and now he's looking to bring it into the enterprise.

TaskWorld is a task-management tracking system that provides users within a business an easy way to track various projects that need to be done, while using a color-coded dashboard allowing everyone in the business to track what projects are being worked on. "Everything becomes very transparent," Mouawad says. "People hiding behind incompetencies are revealed in this platform." 

The SaaS-based TaskWorld app provides a simple user interface that allows users to add a task and provide information as to how long it will take to complete it. Coworkers to comment on the status of it and grade its completion once complete. In the future, Mouawad hopes to add content creation and file sharing abilities to the app, but at the moment it provides integrations with DropBox and Google Drive. It's sold in an individual, premium and enterprise version with the business-class version being released in January, which is set to include administrative dashboard controls and unlimited storage access.

Process management is a growing industry, but a fast-changing one too. had an app named, but that is being phased out as task-management functions are being rolled into the company's other SaaS-based applications. There are a variety of other tools available too, such as Huddle and Basecamp, but Mouawad says TaskWorld is the first to combine task management with performance metrics.

Hey, if it can help create a world-famous bra with 4,200 gems on it, perhaps it could work for your company too.

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