Twitter to allow tweets to be edited

For a short time after tweeting Twitter users will be able to change what they tweet

Twitter is, The Desk reported yesterday, working on a feature that would allow users to edit tweets they've published and it should be available to a test group in "weeks, or months at the most." According to the article:

Once a user publishes a tweet, an "edit" feature will be present for a limited amount of time (Twitter is still currently working out the length of time the feature would be available). The feature would allow a user to make "slight changes" to the contents of a tweet, such a removing a word, correcting a typo or adding one or two additional words.

In addition, tweets will only be editable once and the edit will be propagated to all retweets.

The theory is that Twitter wants users to be able to correct incorrect statements such as when National Public Radio tweeted, in error, that U.S. representative Gabrielle Giffords had been murdered when, in fact, she had been wounded. The goal is to enable edits without allowing the original purpose to change which should prevent someone from changing a tweet that's gone viral from its original content to be, for example, an advertising pitch. 

A Twitter edit feature is definitely a good idea and one that's been needed since Twitter started. But it also represents a significant re-orientation of the context and meaning of tweets and the proof of the pudding will be in the implementation. 

Do you think this is going to work as hoped?

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PS. Of course considering that I still can't find out why Harvey's account has been suspended, I'm less than completely positive about Twitter's ability to pull this off.

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