3 New Year's Open Source Resolutions

Some important resolutions for the Open Source world in 2014.

With 2014 upon us, it is time to jot down our New Year’s Resolutions. Most of us will have a rather short list, comprised of items like “eat some food that won't kill me” or “walk around sometimes so my legs don't stop working.” Both of which are good resolutions and all... but they're a bit boring and stale.

So, with that in mind, I've come up with something... a bit nerdier. What follows are my “New Year’s Open Source Resolutions."

Contribute to a new project

Sometime during 2014, I resolve to contribute to an Open Source project that I've never contributed to before. I'm talking labor here. Maybe I'll contribute by fixing a bug and submitting those code changes. Perhaps I will write some needed documentation or pitch in by helping with the project’s marketing.

There's a million ways we can all pitch in and help the projects that we love (literally... a million... I counted). Some big, some little. But regardless of the size of the contribution, it's all helpful. And if we can all put in just an hour of time during 2014, that will go a long way towards helping to make our favorite projects that much better.

Give $1 a month to a different project

During 2014, each month I will give 1 dollar to a different Open Source project that I haven't contributed to in the past.

One dollar isn't much. But every little bit helps and a single buck is an easy pledge to keep. And by seeking out projects that I haven't donated to before, that helps to make sure that some of the lower-profile projects get at least a little funding.

If we all band together to do this? We could have a seriously big impact on funding the Open Source that we all rely on.

Run a different Open Source system

I'm a Linux guy. Linux on my server. Linux on my laptop. Linux is even powering my TV.

But Linux isn't the only Open Source operating system in town. So, during 2014, I will spend at least one week running a non-Linux OS as my main system. PC-BSD. Haiku. Something to see what some of the other Open Source systems are up to lately. Truth be told, I tend to do this every year anyway. But I'm going to do it in 2014 too, because I find it enjoyable.

Do you have any Open Source-centric New Year’s resolutions? Feel free to jot them down in the comments below and inspire us all with nerdy ways to make 2014 awesome.

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